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Season 2 Production Begins!

Yay! How was the shoot yesterday. Was it really 90 degrees at GS? Oy!

June 3rd Photoshoot


Love the epic “Conan the Barbarian” shots (or that’s what I thought they were and the prop shots with the gaming hardware.

Bravo. Can’t wait for Season Two.

Episode 10 - Jedi Noob

I love it. I haven’t seen the video yet (at work + have IE… oy), but the pic alone for this episode tells me I’m going to love it.

And Jake has a headache/ is sad/ has reached his limit.

Final Shoot of Season 1 this Thursday

Frag + make obscene gestures for me…

Episode 9 - Inked

4:58 – 5:17… Headshot to Jabba, then killed by “Swine Flu” guy.
8:28 – 8:44… ” pigs!”, then serious pig kiling face by Christian, then “Aw, what is this? The pig spawns… ON me… like IN me.” Nice.
9:06 – 9:08… self-explanatory
9:56 – 10:00…
10:35 – 11:00… eaten. nice touch.

Gunfused - Extra 2

I love the sequence of cleaning.
Wet Mop –> Push Broom –> Little Sweeper

Good times.

Gunfused - Extra 1

Hm, reminds me of Wayne’s World and one of the Naked Guns.

If only Jake’d washed his hands… ;-)

Episode 8 - Half-Quake

My favorite moments:
5:11 – 5:20
The setup, the look, the ding… so great.
7:49 – 8:02
I love the tantrum. Well done.

Episode 7 - Gunfused

You spelled my name wrong! It’s S-C-H-M-I-D-T-is-the-boss!

Name The Episode, Get a T-Shirt!

My kind of interaction:
galactose – a simple sugar found in lactose
gallamine – neuromuscular blocking agent (trade name Flaxedil) used as a muscle relaxant in the administration of anesthesia
gammopathy – a disturbance in the synthesis of immunoglobulins; proteins having antibody activity increase greatly in the blood
gasification – the process of changing into gas

My favorite:
*gasification* – everyday pwndcast

Tape rolls this Thursday!

It was good. Except for the Jedi…