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Episode 12 - LOL of Duty

see?!?, nuthin scripted and your in that intro girl… i JUST happens!

Episode 11 - Kellygarten

I love hearing Tims laugh at the beginning. :)

Name The Episode, Get a T-Shirt!

…aaand Time’s Up!
we will go over what we’ve received and choose a winner tonight.

Name The Episode, Get a T-Shirt!

should we extend the contest to monday?

Brodcasting Live!

Dangit! all the audio didnt post! Bear with us as we figure out the best way to post via

The main issue is that were are using a fresh computer without fully testing it. although i have to say that the high quality version looks great. We’ll get audio working next time.

Episode 6 - Foxytrot

TeamKillers referring to 7:30 into the video.

Pardon the dust *cough*

we’re finally done with FB connect i think.. :) check it out!