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Episode 12 - LOL of Duty

“What if’s…we’re still BFF’s” Cracks me up!!!!

Boxee Gets PWND!

if it wasn’t said enough above…PLEASE VOTE FOR US!!!!! Click the link and vote PLEASE!!!!

Really cool to see our thumbnail with the likes of CBS, Rev.3, Joost, WB.

We are the little guys with NO MONEY, now playing with the big dogs. Time to naw on some ankles!

June 3rd Photoshoot

Awesome…Lovin’ them all!!!

Episode 8 - Half-Quake

My fav liners:
“I win!”
“A pump Shotty?”

I laugh every-time.

Episode 5 - Espanõl

Puna’s and Christian’s cameras are Sony HC-7 HDV cameras mounted with suction cup mounts (as not to damage the tower cases). The other 2 wide-shot cameras are Sony F350 XDCAM HD cameras.

Thanks for watching!