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Pwndcast, is an unscripted Internet program about the overall gaming experience.  The hosts and guests play a different video game each show, talk a bit about the game itself and inevitably engage in smack-talk where comedy ensues.  It is definitely not about “serious gaming,” nore is it just another review show where some might swing their egos about, but more about the simple pursuit of the perfect game. And when they say “perfect,” they don”t mean highest scores, or most head shots. These guys are playing to have fun! Each host comes to the show with a different experience, yet the same insatiable love of the games.

Christian & Puna are not your average low-ping, foul-mouthed, 13-hour-a-day, basement trolls who’s only goal in life is showing everybody how awesome they are at some game. These are adults with lives! and they’re not alone.

“A new study found that more than half of adults play video games,
about one-fifth play daily or almost every day.”
Daniel Sieberg, CBS Evening News

“The average game player age is 35″
- Entertainment Software Association 2009 Report

These days its about squeezing in that hour or two a week after work to get away with your friends and get your frag on. They realize it’s all about the stories that will be told for years to come, that interaction with the people you play with.

If like where we’ve been your gonna love where we’re going!

Season 2 brings with it many improvements! You will see the addition of two more hosts (Jake & Kelly) and the show structure will also expand to include consoles games like Nintindo’s Wii, Sony’s PlayStation 3 and and Micrsoft’s X-Box 360.  But don’t expect to see them just sitting on the couch playing a thumb war, we plan on taking the game into the REAL world.  Example:  Wii bowling at an actual bowling alley, or Rock Band 2 at a Downtown Chicago club. Additionally , celebrity guests will also be invited to participate.  Guests could include actors, comedians, professional athletes and musicians.

So bookmark, tag, tweet or digg us, or whatever it is you do to make it easy to keep tabs on us, because it’s gonna be a wild ride!

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