Boxee Gets PWND!

picture-5Vote for our app on Boxee!

What’s Boxee you say??? well it a new software that turns the likes of your apple tv, mac mini, ubuntu and soon your windows box into a social-network integrated internet media and home entertainment box! We think it’s pretty incredible. You ca get it here.

But if you already have it. we have taken the opportunity to enter into the Boxee Dev Challenge and made a pwndcast app!

the dev challenge has produced some great apps in each of the categories. this is very exciting. the voting is now open (the polls will close on June 22nd at 11:59pm PT).

So please take the time to go to the Boxee blog and vote for our app if your like the show, oh and if you have Boxee you now can add our app right now from the App Box built in! It’s so much better on a TV!

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2 Responses to “Boxee Gets PWND!”

  1. Totally voted for yous.

  2. Tim says:

    if it wasn’t said enough above…PLEASE VOTE FOR US!!!!! Click the link and vote PLEASE!!!!

    Really cool to see our thumbnail with the likes of CBS, Rev.3, Joost, WB.

    We are the little guys with NO MONEY, now playing with the big dogs. Time to naw on some ankles!

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