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Episode 8 – Half-Quake

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108-half-quakeThe “Fail-whale” visits Pwndcast as Christian tries to fire up a round of quake, which is quickly remedied by switching to Half-Life Source. Jake approves and there was great rejoicing.

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10 Responses to “Episode 8 – Half-Quake”

  1. My favorite moments:
    5:11 – 5:20
    The setup, the look, the ding… so great.
    7:49 – 8:02
    I love the tantrum. Well done.

  2. MaRz says:

    this is awesome thanks to Kelly aka Mrs Violence for showing me this love it so much added the site link on my gaming clans site (www.e2kgaming.com) hopefully more people will visit Pwned cast.. i think the next episode should be Goldeneye source takes me back to the good times


  3. Tim says:

    My fav liners:
    “I win!”
    “A pump Shotty?”

    I laugh every-time.

  4. Mrs Violence says:

    Any last words? lol.


    I’m going to kill you in real life!

  5. CJ Quattrone says:

    looks like things have come a long way since piranhas lol awesome stuff guys (gal) look fwd to visiting you soon

  6. Gamestorm says:

    Look how cute he is, he’s trying to shoot with a smoke grenade. (The Office)

    Also, explaining what a gravity gun is to some of the newer players might make the playing field a little bit more even. Although, the pistol was highly effective too I’m sure. Haha.

    Great job guys! Despite the technical difficulties, still turned out to be a very entertaining show. We’ll see you soon.

  7. WHATS A PUNA??? lmaooo

  8. Lol awesome show hahaha

  9. Henry House says:

    Christian!! I know i’m late on pwndcast (apologies), but i just watched this video and lol’d till i (figuratively) pee’d a little in my pants. I forgot about the quake skins for “No Salvation” as our one buddy was known. Amazing times, you’ll have to show them the rocket jump (mind the splash dmg) once you get that dedicated server up! Now i’ve got some episodes to catch up on!!!!

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