Is our guest player Jake a Blago Fanboy?

look out behind you blago!

look out behind you blago!

It’s Jake!!!!  Jake has been our guest player for a couple episodes and while he is not trying to figure out how to “reload” playing FarCry, he is working for the man, CBS News.  Here is a link to the Wall Street Journal Article and the picture. I think though he might want to watch his back cause I think that Taxi isn’t going to stop.

After hearing about the article, had an exclusive interview with the ever elusive Jake.  We asked Jake to give us his take on Blago’s hair today, we received a no comment, we think cause he was at work.  But then we asked Jake how it feels to be a star, Jake responded “I’m HUGE in Japan!”

Check back as Jake will continue to grace us with his presence on future episodes.

Episodes Jake has appeared in:

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6 Responses to “Is our guest player Jake a Blago Fanboy?”

  1. Rich says:

    That’s pretty funny that he was caught in the WSJ pic. Maybe Blago can make it to pwndcast … or at least a very hairy, poorly done, impersonation?

  2. Mike Hale says:

    Funny you should say that.. I happen to know a hairy (and felted) Blago impersonator :D

  3. Christian says:

    we know people with puppets!

  4. Jake is making the rounds on the frontpage of newspapers all across America…Colbert Report here he comes..oh wait Jake was already on that too…

  5. Rich says:

    Ooo, I see a mini-pwndcast-series forming…

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