Name The Episode, Get a T-Shirt!

pwndcast shirtsO. K., This time were doing this a little differently. We usually watch a episode a day in advance and the name to give it come to us immediately. Not so much this time. We have a few ideas but hey, why not give you the audience a shot to interact? Right!?  So we are posting this episode (episode 7) one day early and going to give it 24 hours for you to send us your suggestions via twitter, email or comments to this post, and the one we like best gets a free pwndcast t-shirt!

We’ll close the submissions at 10:00 am CST on April 30th!

Give us your best shot!

Oh yeah and did we mention that since this is for Episode 7, that the suggestion has to begin with the letter “G” ??

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5 Responses to “Name The Episode, Get a T-Shirt!”

  1. My kind of interaction:
    galactose – a simple sugar found in lactose
    gallamine – neuromuscular blocking agent (trade name Flaxedil) used as a muscle relaxant in the administration of anesthesia
    gammopathy – a disturbance in the synthesis of immunoglobulins; proteins having antibody activity increase greatly in the blood
    gasification – the process of changing into gas

    My favorite:
    *gasification* – everyday pwndcast

  2. Christian says:

    should we extend the contest to monday?

  3. No, I’m so close!


  4. Christian says:

    …aaand Time’s Up!
    we will go over what we’ve received and choose a winner tonight.

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